We cater for all ages and abilities, please view the timetable below for more details or watch videos of each style


Street Dance: Epworth Thurlow. 17:10-18:00. 4yrs to 12yrs

Musical Theatre: Epworth Thurlow. 18:00-20:00. 4yrs to Adults

Street Dance: Epworth Thurlow. 20:00-21:00. 12yrs+


T4S – Technique for Street: Epworth Thurlow.  5.15-6pm

Breakdancing: Epworth Thurlow. 18:00-18:45. 5yrs – 28yrs

Funk Styles & Poppin’: Epworth Thurlow. 18:45 – 19:30. 5yrs – 28yrs

Troupe (Invite Only): Epworth Thurlow. 19:30 – 20:30.


Troupe (Invite Only): Doncaster Dome. 10:30-11:30.

Trix: Doncaster Dome. 11:30-12:30. 7yrs-28yrs

Breakdancing: Doncaster Dome. 12:30-13:30. 5yrs-28yrs

Street Dance: Doncaster Dome. 13:30-14:30. 4yrs-12yrs

Street Dance: Doncaster Dome. 14:30-15:30. 13yrs+

Contemporary: Doncaster Dome. 15:30 – 16:30. 7yrs – 28yrs