This class aims to cover a variety of Tap Dance including Rhythm (Jazz) Tap, Broadway Tap and Soft-shoe shuffle.

Rhythm (Jazz) tap focuses on tap as a form of music, creating music through the beats of your shoes.

Broadway tap focuses more on tap as a dance, often performed in musical theatre.

Soft-Shoe Shuffle involves tap without the tap shoes, creating the rhythm whilst wearing soft shoes.

The techniques taught will then be used to create beats rhythm within routines. There will also be experimental sessions where students will be encouraged to be creative.

Sorry, but at this moment, we do not have any tap classes running. If this is an area of interest to you, please contact us.

What Is Tap Dance?

Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. Two major variations on tap dance exist: rhythm (jazz) tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses on dance; it is widely performed in musical theater. Rhythm tap focuses on musicality, and practitioners consider themselves to be a part of the jazz tradition.

The sound is made by shoes that have a metal “tap” on the heel and toe. There are different brands of shoes which sometimes differ in the way they sound.

“Soft-Shoe” is a rhythm form of tap dancing that does not require special shoes, and though rhythm is generated by tapping of the feet, it also uses sliding of the feet (even sometimes using scattered sand on the stage to enhance the sound of sliding feet) more often than modern rhythm tap. It preceded what is currently considered to be modern tap, but has since declined in popularity………..Wikipedia