Originating on the West Coast, poppin’ made its way over here, and we accepted it with open arms.

With our poppin’ teacher Kaspar, the level of poppin’ in the academy has grown massively in popularity.
All styles of poppin’ are taught here and everybody is always encouraged to get their homework done for the more intricate and elite moves.

This class teaches the techniques of animation moves such as the Robot, Boogaloo, Zombie, Waving, Slow Motion and King Tuts danced by performers such as Michael Jackson.

You will be taught the techniques of the movements which will then involve a lot of practice to develop your skill. The movements are then put together in routines.

Musicality is a huge part of this style, using the music to enhance the illusion. You will also be taught how to ‘battle’ and freestyle.

From animating robots to Egyptian tutting, poppin’ is one of the most diverse styles to do, and we do it very well. With our specialised teachers on board you’re sure to get far here.

Class Times: Thursday 6:45-7:30pm

Class Location: Epworth Thurlow

Class Fee: £4.00

Ages: 6 – 26 yrs

Poppin Main

Telephone: 01302 515409 or 07808070300

Address: Woodfield Business Centre, Carr Hill, Balby, Doncaster, DN4 8DE

Email: info@sbacademy.co.uk