Gifted and Talented

SB Academy offer the opportunity to be part of our gifted and talented programme. Our ‘Troupe’. This does require significant commitment to training and attending competitions and performances. The training sessions are free to attend and are aimed at ages 7-18 years from the Isle of Axholme. The group is selected by an audition process once a year. The troupe experience training with guest artists both locally and all over the world. The group supports progression routes into professional practice and training and several members have developed into some of the most exciting dance artists working across the region.

The Elite Group received Arts Council Funding in 2016. The group have performed across the UK and abroad including Fresh (2017, 2016 & 2014), Dance Whispers (2015), Breakin’ Convention Tour (2014), U.Dance National Festival (2014), Olympic Torch Ceremony (2012) and the Dance Factor (Sky Tv, 2012). The group qualified for both the World and European Street Dance Championships in 2015 & 2016 performing in Scotland and Germany. They came 3rd in the world and 5th in the European Championships. They have also performed in Los Angeles USA (2011, 2013 & 2015)


“Marc has gained lots of confidence over the past years through his dance and the performances he has done and now loves to pass on his skills to other young people. Marc has had some fantastic opportunities with SB Academy training with Guest Dance Teachers and travelling around the country to perform at competitions and events. SB Academy is a friendly environment and children of all ages interact and support each other. 

Marc’s 6 year old sister, Mia, has also been attending classes with Sb Academy for the last 18 months and has made new friends and learnt new skills already. I hope she continues to enjoy dance just as much as Marc has over the last 7 years. I would definitely recommend and children to give one of the class’ a try and have the opportunities that Marc has had”

Melannie Wilson – Marc’s Mother

“Kian has had dance in his life since the age of 6 which has given him a continuous focus on something that he has a passion for. Dance has given Kian  many life skills such as discipline, respect for hard work and dedication that have been instilled to him through his 8 years with SB Academy. These values have followed him to high school where Kian has used his dance towards his GCSE’s. Being part of SB Academy has given Kian many opportunities he wouldn’t have had without it.

It has become Kian’s outlet in many ways, especially now with the pressures of school life, not only with his studies, but also moral values of knowing right from wrong following his peers. Dance allows Kian that ‘time out’ and escapism. The pride he feels when he is dancing increases his self confidence  a when he dances it’s about him, it’s his talent people are watching and praising him for. As a parent, I know that Kian is a follower and without being part of SB Academy, I feel that he would, quite easily, have gone down the wrong road in his life. Above all, dance has given him an extra family, extra support and guidance that I know both myself, and Kian, are extremely grateful for”,

Shelley – Kian’s Mother