Kim Oakley formed Street Beat in 2000 originally as Yorkshire Street Beat, running one off workshops in the area while Kim worked and trained as a dancer in London. Moving back to the area in 2007 she set up weekly classes with just a handful of students. Today Street Beat run 30+ classes per week, with over 200 students and many specialist teachers delivering high quality training in various dance styles.

  As specialists in Urban Dance, our Academy has brought fresh new styles to the area, educating students on the vast skills required in the culture or Urban Dance. We understand the importance of keeping up to date with all the latest styles, teachers therefore train regularly in London and take annual training trips to Los Angeles. Street Beat’s annual trip to Los Angeles enables our teachers and advanced students train with the best dancers in the world at all of the prestigious studios including Millennium Dance, IDA Hollywood and Debbie Reynolds ensuring that they are up to date and teaching the latest styles. Whilst in LA they also attend many events including Choreographers Carnival.

In 2014 have been asked to perform at Fresh on the main stage and are also part of the Breakin’ Convention Tour.

In July 2013 we opened our Theatre Arts Academy, and can now offer specialist classes in the more traditional dance styles such as Classical Ballet, Musical Theatre, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and much more (see our classes page for more details).

In 2015, SB Academy came 3rd in the World in the UDO Street Dance Championships.

In 2016, SB Academy flew our students out to compete in Germany after reaching the final in the European Championships. We came 4th in this Championship. 

Street Beat like to recruit new teachers internally where possible and many of our teacher’s have grown through the Academy, now working full time for Street Beat as teachers and performers.

As an Academy we can offer Work Experience, for Graduates, College and School Students in addition we have a Teacher Trainee Programme for those talented students hoping to progress to becoming a Street Beat Teacher. Our teacher’s are constantly talent spotting within our sessions with the opportunity to join our Elite Troupe and perform at top events.

We have recently performed on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, The Sky Factor on Sky 1, The Open Air Theatre for the Olympic Torch Ceremony, The Film Festival and many more. In addition our Troupe have won many National Competition’s. See our news page for more info.

SB Academy also has a sister company…

KO Productions

KO Productions provides our professional team and advanced Troupe members with paid work at many Corporate Events, Nightclubs, Theatre Shows, Open Air Events, Festivals etc. We also provide models, singers, choreographers, sound & lighting technicians, DJs and stylists  for various events both in the UK and Abroad.

“Above all this is a place of dancing for those who chose or cannot help but put their body, heart and mind to the test. Just remember that it is your own test, do with it what you chose, take it to the world or keep it here just for yourself. We are all connected here, young and old, expert and novice, famous and aspiring in all dance, various styles and faces, connected by a common thread to the interior of ourselves … Connecting with a world more deeply by connecting more deeply with ourselves. Respect the dance, respect it’s dancers, respect yourself. We have made our own world within these walls driven by music, strength and love. Create what you will.”

Telephone: 01302 515409 or 07808070300

Address: Woodfield Business Centre, Carr Hill, Balby, Doncaster, DN4 8DE